Dougal Haston on Everest Summit, Nepal [Print #0265]

Dougal Haston on Everest Summit, Nepal [Print #0265]


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At 6.00pm on the 25th September 1975 Doug Scott and Dougal Haston became the first Englishman and Scotsman to reach the summit of Everest. They also became the first climbers to reach the summit via the SW Face. The expedition led by Chris Bonington was a magnificent team effort. It was tragically marred by the death of film cameraman Mick Burke on the second attempt.

“We walked up side by side the last few paces to the top, arriving there together the entire world lay before us. That summit was everything and more that a summit should be. My usually reticent partner became expansive, his face broke out in a broad, happy smile and we stood there hugging each other and thumping each other’s backs.”

Colour print on super A3 matte archival paper, with a white border, using permanent pigment inks, signed if required, and supplied in a card tube.