'Life and Hard Times' Leaflet

While a complete list of lectures is advertised on the Internet, both through the Community Action Nepal website and the associated company Community Action Treks, local promotion is the responsibility of the individual venues.

We have arranged for fliers for each lecture, which can be overprinted at your own expense. To obtain these, please get in touch. The cost for overprinting with your details is approximately £49 per 1000. An example is shown to the right.

Subject to availablilty, Doug Scott can be contacted by local radio, TV or newspapers to give interviews by way of promoting the lectures.

Please note that in order to comply with legislative requirements all promotional literature, lecture tickets and lecture advertisements should state that the purpose of the event is to raise money for the charity/charities. All profits from sales of auctioned goods or other goods sold at the lecture will go to the named charity.